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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

He Could Have Been Born Yesterday

I may have mentioned on here before that Steve Goddard is a 'Birther' in that he believes Americas first non-white president wasn't born in the US so can't really be the President.

In a recent post he provides 'evidence' from a paper that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Straight away a commenter pointed out that was was an old hoax and documented in snopes, other facts were added including evidence that his father was in Hawaii at the time he was born and unlikely to send his pregnant wife to a third world country to give birth. No record of any such journey exists for there and back in any case. There does exist a birth certificate form a Hospital in Honolulu and confirmed as authentic. We also have Kenyan official denying that Obama was born there. This is in comments by people who are normally very supportive of Goddard's climate denial posts but obviously are unwilling to stoop to this whole new level of crazy.

Steve Goddard is having none of it. The link he has is all the proof that is needed.

So we have multiple lines of evidence all pointing to one conclusion and a single piece of discredited evidence pointing to another. Which does Goddard support? The one that tells him what he want to hear of course.

Remind you of anything?


  1. Ahh the birthers. You have to admire their ingenuity/sense of humour/determination even if their grip on reality is shall we say a little sub-optimal. Another birther from the climate denial circuit is our old friend Lord Monckton as evidenced by this video here

    OK I admit I haven't invested a whole 14 and a half minutes of my life watching it. Just enough to savour the irony that the man who has been on the recieving end of this letter admonishing him for pretending to be a Lord also has the brass balls to question the birthright of a natural born man who has risen to the top of the tree and become POTUS.

    I'm sure there's nothing racist in TVMOB's approach

    1. It is a funny video - not in a good way - with the Monk dressed in the Stars and Strips, his mate not really understanding if he is English or Scottish and the Monk giving a little 'word from the sponsor' type speech about the store before he begins. This really is on the extreme fringe of conspiracy and denial nonsense. And no I didn't manage to watch it all either.

  2. Let's team up:

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