Really Sciency

Visit my other blog 'Really Sciency' looking at Climate Science and its portrayal, misrepresentation and denial in the media.


Drop me a comment or note below about anything that doesn't fit with the topic of my posts.


  1. Have posted a link to your blog on the science forums!

  2. Hi Lazarus. I am SmF! if that helps.

  3. Hi Lazarus,
    It says a lot for the quality of your blog that the most serious criticism I can proffer is re. your headline, "...looking at Climate Science and it's portrayal...", where I'd point out that "it's" always means "it is" and only means "it is", which helpfully always makes it very easy to work out when to use "its". That's it from me (but I really wish you'd fix it).
    P.S. I haven't commented here before, so on the assumption that comments are moderated before publishing, please feel free to take this as simply a suggestion for tidy-up which I have no wish to see published.

    1. Oops - my bad assumption :)

  4. Dear Lazarus,

    I noticed that on Really Sciency you link to Goddard and Co. without a NoFollow tag.

    For example on the page:

    This way you tell Google that these are popular pages and should be ranked high. In gather that is not your intend. For more information see my post on NoFollow.

  5. I would like to share one of your 10 commandments cartoons on our church facebook page Friday - is that ok?