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Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Glowing Report on Radiation!

Ann Coulter is at it again it seems. By 'it' I mean putting her foot in her mouth.

Setting aside the rather sick pun in my title, considering current events in Japan, which is actually the Coulter's title of her latest column, she is arguing that radiation exposure is a good thing. Well common sense shows that it can be if used in very controlled and specific ways but her glee at the idea of millions being exposed to greater than recommended doses following leaks at Fukushima nuclear plant with the clear implication that exposure will be beneficial to the health of many is both ignorant and absurd.

It is good and rather worrying to see Bill O'Reilly actually be the voice of sanity for a change. But just in case her rather persuasive way of shouting over him has anyone thinking that she might actually have a point it is worth checking out Scientific America and Philip Yam's piece; 'Attention, Ann Coulter: Report to aisle 5 for radiation clean-up' or even better Prof. PZ Myers blog; 'Will radiation hormesis protect us from exploding nuclear reactors?'

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