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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Daily Maul gets it right again!

Trawling the Daily Maul to see how it handles science related stories may becoming an obsession, given how poorly it has covered them in the past. But yet another global warming related story by that well known Daily Mail reporter, -  'Daily Mail Reporter' hasn't been spun from all recognition of what the science actually concludes. Maybe I'm starting to like this News Paper? - Nah!

But it did cover a report about Polar Bears now having to swim long distances due to climate change melting more ice and how this has resulted in increased infant mortality. The same story was reported by Discovery News and the Mauls take on it is here. But what is really revolutionary is that the papers actually states;

The Arctic is warming faster than lower latitudes due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and the melting of sea ice in summer accelerates the warming effect.
Why to go!  Christopher "substantially misleading" Booker must be horrified that a paper he sometimes writes a column for is printing actual scientific conclusions.