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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Are you scientifically literate?

Take our quiz

I came across this science quiz when I came back from the pub which I found quite challenging. I was very pleased to get a genuine 42 correct which equals 84%. Not sure if that makes me scientifically literate but I'm quite pleased with the result, still I felt I must do better.

Can you do better?



  1. I got 82%, would have been a touch more but it's late for me and has ben a long day.

    PS your link leads to a page with the answers on, the only ones I noticed where ones I already knew :( .

    PS. It's odd, I blog on Blogger, but your blog won't accept comments from my profile.

  2. I think I have fixed the link now. I obviously just pasted the results link.

    Cant help you with your posting problem, no idea what's going on but I always wondered why you posted as anonymous.

  3. Ive encountered the same problem posting .
    I didnt finish the quiz , had to reload the page for every question and answer - bit tiresome. Merry Xmas everyone