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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Real Science Isn't A Very Smart Place

A piece of very interesting climate research was published recently in Nature; 'Global warming preceded by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations during the last deglaciation' by Shakun et al.

It is interesting because previous research looking at historical carbon dioxide examined ice cores from the Antarctic and found that temperature lagged CO2 by about 800 years. This is an often used by climate contrarians to suggest proof that Co2 can't cause warming, but all it really does is show that it doesn't have to be responsible for initial warming.

From New Scientist

So the generally accepted scientific mechanism for past climate warming was that another forcing, and not CO2, was the initial trigger. That initial warming released enough GHGs, from permafrost, oceans etc., which then led to more warming. There is absolutely no doubt with the basic physics that CO2 causes warming. These other trigger forcings have usually been down to orbital variations known as Milankovitch cycles. This is still the accepted scientific cause for switches between Ice Ages and warmer inter glacier periods.

But this new research looked at 80 global proxy records of temperature, not just Antarctic ice cores, which can only reveal local conditions, for the last deglaciation and found that "temperature is correlated with and generally lags CO2 during the last (that is, the most recent) deglaciation." 
Sites of the 80 temperatures proxies used in Shakun et al's paper

So  while the basic premise for the cause of de-glaciations remains, this research indicates that CO2 can be an early, even initial forcing of warming, which further undermines the contrarian argument of temperature causing increased CO2 and not the other way around.

So how was this interesting research reported on Steven Goddard's Real Science?

"Antarctica Is A Very Smart Place

According to the latest research from top Ivy League expert Dr. Shakun, Antarctica is able to anticipate changes in CO2 several hundred years in advance, and preemptively adjust its thermostat long before the CO2 decides to spontaneously increase or decrease.

CO2 found it frustrating at first that Antarctica always anticipated his moves, until Dr. Shakun explained to him that this mysterious teleconnection proves that CO2 controls the universe. "
I understand that this is what passes for humour among those in denial, but rather than acting the idiot, shouldn't someone making a case against AGW, and who wants to be considered seriously, actually try to understand the scientific research that the conclusions are based on, and counter that? Well clearly of course they should, but in this case they obviously can't, so instead they act like a kid making faces and stupid remarks behind the teachers back.


  1. Hey numpty. Shakun et. al. is being taken to pieces, by the 'climate science' community that acually have some cojones. Get over it.

    You don't post on Dellers' blog do you?

    1. I'm not entirely sure how much of your comment is in English.

      By "the 'climate science' community" I can't help but believe you mean what is being said by under qualified bloggers, but I await your references with interest.

  2. Hey Lazarus,
    Don't you love the cogency and sophisticated reasoning of rebuttals from the likes of timdot? I wouldn't have your tolerance for publishing the pointless vitriol of some commenters, but your reply above still has me smiling. Congratulations on your blog, by the way. I only just found it, and it deserves a wide audience.

    1. Thanks Al, great to have some positive feedback.Currently away from home and checking in by phone so can't say much, but please keep dropping by.

  3. Lazarus,

    You may find this interesting...
    Comment 72 by Lionel A.

    1. Thanks Chris. I saw this when the story broke and pretty much everything I thought to say on the matter appeared on various sites over the first couple of days. However I did get time to finally do a post;