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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fruits of Divine Grace Mega Sale!


In what I can only describe as a sale to rival any BOGOF, the Vatican has made a deal with God for some very special limited offers to be made available for the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day in Madrid.

Offer 1

Having an abortion is such a heinous crime that it usually warrants excommunication but God has allowed all the priests taking confession at the event the power to lift such an excommunication and the post sinners will be welcomed back into the church.

So if you have had the misfortune to have had an abortion at any time get yourself down to World Youth Day and tell all to one of the blocks in a frock and an eternal life in heaven that you though was lost to you forever can still be yours.

 Offer 2

A Plenary Indulgence allowing you to spend less time in purgatory. These used to be only available by paying out your hard earned cash but you can now get one free with every confession.

Why not try confessing several times this day, you may miss out on your stay in purgatory all together, just remember not to enjoy the sinning required before each subsequent confession too much.


Two for the Price of One.

Of course confessing to an abortion means you qualify for both these fantastic offers, a true and divine BOGOF.

So why not make you way down to the massive Catholic Church’s World Youth Day in Madrid event and grab yourself a bargain of an eternal lifetime!


  1. Scum of the earth - a Pope born and grew up in Nazi germany. Who hates gays with a passion not seen since Hitler threw them with the Jews into the ovens.


    explains in about 80 pix why the church has yet to EXcommunciate the worst murderer in History - Hitler, born and baptised catholic in very cath aaustria in 1888.

    its pro life stand is just obfuscation to hide its part in the worst crimes in recorded history.
    Which includes the catholic church that over a millenis hated jews and demonized them as christ killers and the blood libel BS. because they wouldnt convert to an absolutist "my way or the highway" doctrine.

    Blood libel (another cath hate statement that said Jews killed xtian infants and used their blood in cooking certain religiious foods)

    Creating a hatred that hitler leveraged to gain election.

    55 million died and yes - the church has yet to EXcomm him

    No wonder Catholocism is dead in W. Europe, dying in Latin america and canada etc. As shown by almost all those countries having civil unions or marriage for gays

    the churches new victims : Africans, who the pope told that "condoms cause aids." In a continent with 23 million known aids cases and babies born every day with this horrible death sentence

    He may have been forced to back off on this one, rumors say he backtracked.

    And of course the endless hidden molestation of children.

    two of a million links


    all about the hidden molestation of children in Ireland by the church……..

    Inlcudes how the abuse continued the bishops did nothing and the Vatican letter told the bishops to hide the crimes.

  2. Child abuse in churches (and some other organisations)is a terrible problem. The Catholic Church isn't alone in it but it looks to be more institutionalised and covered up than most anywhere else.

    One of the worst reports I have seen was only the yesterday;

    The Catholic Church in Ireland is almost bankrupt through paying compensation for child abuse and are considering a "parish-based levy on Catholic families living in Dublin" whatever that will involve.

    But the shocking thing is that the money paid out in compensation was given to it by the very families and communities that the abuse was going in in. In a perverse way they have unknowingly paid for priests to sexually abuse their children and are now being asked to pay for compensating the victims.