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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Daily Fail

Just when The Daily Mail started to publish articles that actually bore a resemblance to real world science it prints an article under the headline;

Climate change deniers will be despised just like racists one day, says Al Gore

Yes the infamous 'Daily mail Reporter' strikes again with a piece that deserves to be looked at very critically - and things are not good. Twice in the short piece 'The Daily Mail Reporter' uses the term 'climate change alarmists'. I'm not exactly sure who these 'climate change alarmists' are are but it is already clear that this piece is not going to be unbiased or balanced. Science is not mentioned at all so I can only assume that anyone who does not hold the ignorant opinion of the Daily Mail Reporter falls into the 'climate change alarmists' box regardless of data and evidence.

But I have no love for Al Gore so even with this obviously biased piece, Gore shouldn't be saying those who deny science will be despised like racists so it is good that this 'Reporter' has brought this issue to our attention - isn't it?

Except Gore never said anything at all about despising people like they were racists. There is nothing in the quotes attributed to him and nothing in the linked video this article is supposed to be reporting on. The only reference to racism is when an anecdote comparing this time to that of the civil marches which he grew up through and about winning the conversation with those who reject the science in the way the conversation with civil rights was won, and rightly or wrongly Gore sees  the measures that he believes are needed as a civil rights issue.

So for The Daily Mail it is business as usual;


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