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Monday, 24 January 2011

Enough is Enough!

Not really new News but the Australian Academy of Science strike out "Enough is enough

"The academy cannot issue a statement without consulting its 400 fellows, who happen to be Australia's most respected scientists. So when it comes out swinging, it's hard for the sceptics to just dismiss them.

What they're saying is "Enough is enough": they're defending the science, citing the deep certainty and the less deep uncertainty. In doing so, they're also delivering a body blow to self-appointed 'experts' who trivialise, misunderstand or just plain twist the data."


  1. Did you watch Horizon last night? If not you should catch on iPlayer.

  2. Yes I did.

    It was quite good and made Delingpole look like a knob. If getting ratty and unable to answer when confronted with an analogy between the consensus on climate and the consensus on cancer treatment wasn't bad enough, he openly admitted he has neither the time now qualifications to read and understand the science but just interprets others interpretations.!!?

    If he lacks the scientific expertise to understand the science, he also lacks the expertise to distinguish between the “interpretations” of scientists, pseudo-scientists and quacks.