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Friday, 21 January 2011

Un-Education Maintenance Allowance

When my son was at college he used to moan that many of the other students got EMA and he didn't qualify, but these students were from the poorest areas and many would simply have not been able to go to further education.

To say students should all get part time jobs, (my son fortunately did), is to assume that suitable jobs are available for everyone who needs them. Also £10 - £30 is hardly enough for kids to live it up and most will still work if they can get it.

The money that was allocated to the EMA was fairly insignificant in the big scheme of government spending but made a big difference to those that got it. David Cameron said the money would be better targeted helping the poor but failed to say how it was to be spent, if at at all. If they wanted to help poorer people all they had to do was to lower the income limit for the households.

With the news that more young people are now unemployed this is going to aggravate the situation. Do we really want more young people with less education unemployed on our streets?

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