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Friday, 11 February 2011

North America Climate Extremes Monitoring

I have found a really interesting site; North America Climate Extremes Monitoring from NOAA Sattlitte and Information Service.

It allows extreme climate data to be mapped. As it suggests it is rather limited to the North American area but it is interesting to see the decrease in frost days;

Trend - Frost free days

 Increases in things such as summer days, 

Trend - Summer days

Growing season 

Trend - Growing season

 Intensity of rain/snow fall

Trend - Intensity of rainfall

And of course temperatures.

Trend - Temperatures greater than the 90th percentile

 The data only goes from 1950 up to 2006 but I suspect that the situation has not improve over the last 5 years. All indicators of an anthropologically warming world - no models required.

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