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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Rape victims share responsibility for the crime!

Roger Helmer, my MEP, is certainly a liability to any political party. He has been the subject of a noteworthy post by me before. Not to mention his little gem from twitter.

He has now voiced his support for Ken Clarke's and his troubles when he mentioned sentencing for rape - and with friends like Helmer who needs people stirring up more trouble. He managed to put both his rather large feet into an even bigger mouth with his tactless and disgusting comments.

Like any crime, those guilty of rape can have a range of sentences dependent on actual circumstances. Ken Clark has now gone to great lengths to tell people that was to what he was referring, but what he certainly did not say was that some rape victims shared responsibility for the crime!

It takes a complete ass like Helmer for that sort of  appalling remark. I can only imagine that if someone with a T-shirt or badge that said 'Kill Me' was killed by a psychopathic serial killer, Helmer would believe that the victim shared the responsibility for their own murder.

I'll ask again what I asked in my previous post -Who voted for this idiot?

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