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Saturday, 21 May 2011

What a Twit!

A premiership footballer is now taking legal action against Twitter because some of its users have revealed his name even though the British courts granted an injunction to stop his name and details of his sexual exploits from being published.

Come on, anyone one truly interested can find out the players name from google and a number of foreign media sites. Besides, isn't taking legal action against a company that just provides a type of communication service like trying to take legal action against a telephone company because of something one of it's users said or against a paper supplier because of what someone printed on the pages?

It seems that they want Twitter to reveal who posted the information. I'm not much of a legal expert but doesn't this type of injunction only apply to organisations who could profit from such information? Does this player really think an individual making assertions or even just speculating is worth the effort?

Things are even more complicated because the injunction only applies in Britain and Twitter is a US company - that is where the legal action has been taken. If this player really believes such a legal challenge will have the outcome he wants he is an idiot who is clearly being fleeced by his lawyer.

So who is it? Pick any England star at random - Terry, Rooney, Gerrard, A Cole, or Crouch, and even if you are wrong it makes little difference, they have all player away.

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