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Friday, 20 May 2011

Where did all the snow go?

I felt like linking to this news article for the stunning pictures as much as anything else.

Apparently a the Polar bear was photographed in the Arctic Hudson Bay area in Canada and at this time of year there would normally be snow not flowers but the article claims that the pictures  show the effect that climate change is having on our planet.

But another interesting thing is that this article appeared on the Daily Mail site, better known as the Daily Mangle for it's awful coverage of science including the MMR/Autism issue and of course Climate Change. In fact it's columns and articles have been some of media's strongest in the denial of
the science of anthropogenic global warming. 

So I'm not exactly sure what happened here with an article that actually states that climate change is having such a noticeable impact. I have no idea if these unusual and beautiful pictures are the result of climate change, just a localised weather event or even a total misreporting of the situation - it is the Daily Mangle after all, because true to the newspapers form, there is little in the way of actual science or references to check. 

Still you just have to read some of the comments to realise the shock and outrage of the usual Daily Mangle readership at the idea that not only is climate change occurring, it is noticeable and a problem to boot. 


  1. Cool pics. Thanks Lazarus.

    Like you I'm not sure what the situation is over there and whether there's a climate change element to this. But they're great pictures - I've taken the liberty of linking to them over at Sciencefile's Arctic 2011 thread.

    Chris R

  2. Thanks for that - should have thought of that myself.

  3. No really where did the snow go