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Monday, 27 December 2010

Ban all fundamentalist religions!

Clearly I think religious fundamentalist a problem so shouldn’t we just ban any & ALL religions that preach hate, violence etc?

Well no. The last thing we need is banning anything. There is already enough pressure from faiths to ban and censor plays, books, films etc. However individuals who preach hate' should be banned although it can be a fine line between freedom of speech and breaking the law.

It is a grey area for me. I'm not sure what the law says and where it draws the line between preaching hate and freedom of speech.

On one hand I think there can be too much control. I want the right to criticise religions without fear of blasphemy laws. But on the other hand people who pose in positions of authority, especially divine authority, need to be stopped from persecution and incitement to hate. Ideally people should not be able to preach making claims that they cannot support with evidence, but the religious often reject evidence or the lack of it in favour of faith.

I have just had a great idea (well maybe not). How about a law giving the right to alternative speech? In an organised gathering any speaker must allow an opposing speaker to put forward their views. I can see a great job for atheists on Sundays down the local church!

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