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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Coldest Winter since 1910

Merry Christmas to anyone with the time to waste reading this.

Just a quick to post to highlight that according to the BBC the Met Office are now saying that this winter in Britian is set to be the coldest for a century.

A global temperature graph shows what an unexpected winter it has been;

Global Temperature Graph copied from Skeptical Science.
Looking at John Cooks graph we can see just how much an anomaly this winter is. Globally 1910 was about the coldest on record  so it could be expected to have a cold winter, while this year was pretty much the warmest.

I'm not convince but some recent reports that colder winters could be expected - it is too early to tell, but I think the last few years will be unrepresentative in the longer term and we can expect more milders winters like we have bee getting previous to the last few.

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