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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Why 'Hipocrites' Celebrate Christmas.

I can appreciated cultural traditions and celebrate them just like everyone else. I also have religious friends and family and wish to support them. I see no difference form religious people doing something special for pagan festivals like Halloween, or Hogmanay.

But perhaps for those that still consider themselves Pagan we should remember that celebrating around the winter soltice was  Christmas started off as a Pagan Festival (I have no axe to grind with Pagans) but Christians stole/adopted the date from The Pagans. Equally they should be asking;  How can Christians celebrate a Pagan Festival? Many do.
Well it's when the birth of Jesus is celebrated , even though it is accepted that there is no reason to believe that he was born in late December - and that by scheduling his birthday then, the Church in Rome was overwriting the winter solstice, Jewish Hanukkah and Roman Saturnalia.

The decision to go for DEC 25th was taken by Pope Julius in 350AD, before which time Christmas would not even have celebrated and the New Year was reviled by the church for its paganism.

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