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Friday, 19 November 2010

Can God really know everything?

God is supposed to know everything - he made it after all. Do Christians really believe this? Does he know the position of every atom in the universe? Does he know the speed of every insects wing. Did he know I'd be drawn to post this?

I suppose my question really is if he knows everything does he know every decision we are going to make through all ours lives even though we have free will? Does God already know the outcomes of our lives? Does he already know who gets to heaven and who doesn't? Surely he knows our souls before we were born as he made us, then he must already know the outcomes of our lives even if we do not. What is the point of us being here? According to this, God already knows who will make it to heaven and who won't. Yet we are still put on this earth so suffer and presumably amuse our creator. What is the point?

And if God doesn't 'know' the outcome of your life and It depends on the choices you make and the events you can't, or don't know about in time to avoid then surely this means that God isn’t really omnipotent. And at the risk of sounding silly it seems that life is just a celestial version of Big Brother. Everyone is put in the same place and God, and his son and angles I suppose, watch the entertainment and occasionally intervene or throw in a task to make things interesting.

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