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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Happy Birthday Climategate

Apparently today, I haven't actually marked it on the calendar, is the first anniversary of the theft / hacked / release (delete as appropriate) of personal emails from climatologists working at the Uni of East Anglia.

It was immediately followed by claims from those who deny the science that this was a smoking gun proving everything from fraud, to sacrificing children and viewing their entrails.

A year on, most of these claims remain plus that of white wash, since several enquires proved other wise, we now know that climate scientists are ordinary people after all and that the science, if not some of it's administration, is unaffected.

It also now seems that these scientists are starting to stick up for themselves and have formed a few groups like a 'climate rapid response team' to refute and rebuke the claims and misinformation of the people and groups that deny their scientific conclusions.

This is certainly one positive change over the last year so it might be good to make this birthday a regular time to view how climate science is being portrayed to the public.

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