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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

First Post - Why?

The first post of a new blog must be the most difficult to write. It is supposed to be where your state your reasons for it's very existence, and justify why the world needs another opinion form someone they have never heard of. I can't give answers to any of this. All I can say is why I bothered.

I have been commenting for several years on a range of forums, and blogs, mainly where I see reason and rationally disappear in an avalanche of nonsense. So my posts have tended to end up on sites about religion, I'm not religious, and science where pseudo-science reigns. Some of mycomments seemed important to me, at least at the time. It seems that to keep these thoughts together will be a worthwhile exercise purely for myself so a journal or blog would fit the bill.

Since my comments have always been in public and have on occasion been commented on themselves by others it seems a blog where further comments could be made would be the way to go. So this blog will be a rehash of other postings I have made on several other sites, along with anything else that comes to mind including I'm sure the odd digression.

I have no ambitions about this becoming a blog of any particular note, just somewhere I can express myself and allow my own opinions to be challenged by others if they wish

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