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Monday, 29 November 2010

Why don't Creationists try to understand the science?

Most religious people are creationists to some degree but the vast majority accept the science and evidence supporting the Theory of Evolution even if they still hold that their deity started the spark of life and guided evolution in some way. I have no problem with religious people if they want to believe that as long as they don't actually deny the science. So when I talk of creationists it is the fundamental kind - the 6 day kind, even if they hold that a day in creation is longer that an actual day or not. It is this type of creationist I have the problem with, the ones that take their holy scripture as infallible and perfect and ultimately as a science book.

What annoys me is that these creationists have never bothered to really understand evolution and look at the evidence. They go straight to the creationists texts which show no level of understanding. If creationists really understood evolution, and they still rejected it, then they would be in a far better position to argue against it because there are still unknowns and lack of evidence about specific examples, but they just try to use the old blind chance/ eye complexity etc. as 'proof' of intelligent design.

I have crossed words with this type of creationist on various forums and  they see their blind faith and ignorance as a virtue - it isn't and if you believe in a deity that thinks it is, then you have to wonder what sort of creature would expect that from an intelligent creation.

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