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Sunday, 21 November 2010

God Changes His Mind!

Apparently revealed to his vicar on Earth, it could be acceptable to use condoms sometimes after all, if used to prevent infections;

Even though they are actually aggravate the AIDS problem;

Must be a miracle.

Or Maybe God doesn't!
It now appears that the Popes comments have been taken out of context. Catholics all over the world have been so desperate to feel good about the contraception they regularly uses that they jumped on the remark.

Strangely the Pope used an example of a male homosexual prostitute who might use a condom to prevent infection. It being used for the protection of women is still a terrible sin. This also just happens to be the kind of protection a abusive Priest might benefit from.

So that's cleared that up then. If you partner is HIV+ and you are a good Catholic then you must insist that any sexual congress be still carried out with the risk contracting a deadly, currently incurable disease.

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