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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Why Lazarus? Why not John Smith?

My opinions are not intended to make me friends. In fact where religion ans pseudo-science abound, a rational opinion can incite the exact opposite, so I do not intend to use my own name or give enough information for some fundamentalist nut job to track me down if that is what the voices in his head are telling them to do. Some might see this as cowardice - I see it as common sense.

Often when posting, particularly on religious message boards, some assume calling myself Lazarus must have a religious connotation, usually assuming at first I must be religiously inclined. Nothing could be further from the truth. I started using the nick Lazarus many years ago when the only access to the internet most people had was a dial-up connection and a whistling modem. I like many other young men, (I was out of my teens), played games like DOOM and the original Quake against each other over the internet. The basic idea if you have never played, was to kill the others while running around Gothic type castle picking up weapons to do the job. Once dead you 're-spawned' back to life to continue play. Not being a great player, getting killed and re-spawning was an all to common occurrence. What other name could a player like me have?

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